International Global DanPark

An economic initiative to revitalize North Northeast Durham (NNED) using concentric rings of redundant restaurants and other developments to make NNED a shining star in the Research Triangle Region.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies will bring government and commerce together in an effective partnership to solve the region's problems and ensure its successful future. 

The IGDP will be socially and environmentally sensitive.  Only 1500 residents will be displaced. Only 2 of those people live in buildings on the National Historic Register that will be destroyed.  Roadside plaques will commemorate these grand structures.  Only three streams and wetlands will need to be diverted or destroyed. And only eight endangered species live in the area.  Carbon offsets will further enhance the IGDP environmental prestige. 

Plans have now been revised to include a 50 square foot nature preserve in or near the DanPark to provide a new habitat for affected endangered species. You can now find us on Google Maps under DanPark as well as in the category Nature Preserve for Durham, NC. We are the first listed Preserver in Durham, a sign of our commitment to Progress At Any Cost™.